MENU | Chinese Health, Aging, and Policy Program

Promoting Social and Emotional Well-Being in the Chinese Community

Research Goal

This study aims to lower rates of mental distress and promote mental well-being of U.S. Chinese adults by working with a Communinity Health Work (CHW) group.


Participants who are randomly assigned to the CHW group will meet at least once a week with a Community Health Worker (CHW). The CHW will be providing individual-based tailored support to the participant, including Empowering Education, Referral to Treatment, Care Coordination, and Behavioral Acitivation.

Each participant will learn about treatment options in mental health services as well as understanding and coping with his/her emotions. From there, he/ she will make concrete steps toward improving his/her mental health and overall well-being. A CHW will facilitate and support the participant with each step along the way.


If you are Chinese and experiencing psychological distress. We may be able to help! Please E-mail us or call: (848) 932-1309.


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