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Press Release

Family Connections May Become a Double-Edged Sword Impacting U.S. Chinese Older Adults’ Well-Being
Family relationships may both benefit and harm the mental health among U.S. Chinese older adults, suggested by new studies published in The Journal of Gerontology: Medical Sciences Volume 72: S1 (2017).
What Stops Chinese Elderly From Using Preventive Care and Personalized Treatments for Cancer?
Researchers from the PINE study examined the characteristics and barriers within the Chinese community that may contribute to low utilization of preventive health care and low participation in biospecimen collection.
World Elder Abuse Day 2017: New Evidence on Incidence, Risks, and Outcomes of Elder Abuse
Studies provide an insight into elder abuse and self-neglect in relationship to its two-year incidence, adult children perpetrators and previous child abuse, levels of physical function, and suicidal ideation.
Studies Offer Insight into Physical and Cognitive Decline among U.S. Asian Aging Populations
The first ever longitudinal study of U.S. Chinese older adults in the greater Chicago area found the cognitive and physical function of U.S. Chinese immigrants may be greatly impacted by their social and cultural context more than non-immigrant populations.
State-of-Science Book Provides a Comprehensive Review of Elder Abuse Issues
Elder Abuse: Research, Practice, and Policy provides the most up-to-date information regarding elder abuse, with respect to risk/protective factors, clinical assessment and management, ethnography, practice and services, legal justice, elder court systems, guardianship system, policy issues, and future directions.
Do Definitions of Elder Mistreatment Matter? High Prevalence of Elder Mistreatment among U.S. Chinese Older Adults, Researchers Find
In a recent study based on a brief 10-item elder mistreatment (EM) screener, researchers have found that 15.0% of community-dwelling U.S. Chinese older adults are victims of EM.